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"The things we fear most in organizations - fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances - are the primary sources of creativity."

- Father Andrew Greely

Priest, Author, Sociologist

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

- John Milton Cage


"There are no rules here, we're trying to accomplish something."

- Thomas A. Edison




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Speaking & Training Programs (customized "musical messages" also available)

Corporate, academic, or association events,

speaking or training engagements.

(Ask about our Pro Bono & Partner Sponsored Events)

"Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music"

Craig's signature speech, based on interviews with hundreds of musicians, executives, educators, and music enthusiasts. A great topic for business or academic gatherings.

 "Imagination Makeover: An Exercise in Business Creativity and Innovation"

Are you getting the creative energy you desire when you ask your employees to "think outside the box?"  Unleash the creative potential of your employees and foster an environment of innovation, an essential characteristic of successful businesses in the 21st century.

"Make Your Own Kind of Music"

(A Program for Students)

Assisting students in finding their own unique mission in life is the greatest gift that we can afford them. Nothing facilitates that introspective journey like music and the arts. Teaches children to put aside peer pressures and look inside of their own hearts for guidance.

"The Power of Music Education"

We link nearly every defining moment of our lives spanning every emotion to a particular song. Music has an almost magical ability to touch both the hearts and minds of people. An inspiring and powerful session with music and humor.

Sales Training

Craig also offers sales training programs based on his 20 years of experience calling on customers ranging from Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan to maintenance mechanics of small scrap yards in rural areas. To visit Craig's sales training website, click here.


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The Universal Benefits of Music

 Applied to Business, Education, and Life

"Craig's entertaining and thought provoking presentation will inspire you to reexamine the role of music in our schools, businesses, and everyday lives. He is someone who can make a difference and is doing it!

Dave Massey, Founder - A Good Day, Inc.

"Craig gave an entertaining and informative presentation. I found his insights to be inspirational. I am excited about the publication of his book. The time has come to recognize the importance of arts and music in our professional lives.

Kenneth Thompson, Executive Director, Musical Arts Centers of San Antonio

"Inventive, insightful, fresh, stimulating, and downright fun! The use of live music coupled with audience interaction sets what Craig does apart from the crowd."

Micheal Ziants, Airlift Productions





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